im back bitches now im going to make edits bc wow its been a while 

ily-bridgit-mendler: "Oh my god you have the best edits, lovely! I thought mine were good until I came to your blog! :) x"

You’re so lovely! Thanks <3

Semi Hiatus.


Okay. So, I’m changing schools and moving houses. As i’m starting as a freshman, the school work is going to be a lot harder and I am talking 2 AP classes. I know it’s really fucking dumb to take AP classes in your freshman year but i needed to. Tumblr is sO fucking distracting. I keep on getting lower marks, like last year first semester I had 92.77% overall and then the next semester I got 83% overall. So, as I’m starting a new year, I want to kick it off with a good start. I feel like I’m going to go downhill if I continue to live like this. I’ve decided to ditch tumblr for the next month. [just as I start school] I’ll come on once in a while but I’m not going to be active for at least the next month. Feel free to unfollow me [but don’t please im poor] but I’m /really/ going to come online as much as I can. Also, I’m going to have a really hard time fitting in a new school and a new area. I love you and like thank you for following me. I’ll be on for the next couple of days and then I’m going to go off. But I promise I’ll be back to regular tumblring in some time. I just /need/ to focus more on studies right now. like i dont give 2 shits about anything else like tumblr is my life but i need to sTUDY. so yes. i’m going on a little hiatus. but ily bye.

tyler posey and bridgit mendler at the teen choice awards 2013

bridgit looked perfect at the tca 

im so done like what the fuck is this who allowed you both to hug and smile and who told bridgit that its okay to jump on shane because its not okay nothing about htis is okay ur both giving me chest pains at such a young age stOP IT